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There’s something rotten in Sydney.

So the last few months a lot of energy has gone into trying to fight the government on these lock-out laws. They’ve done serious damage to the Kings Cross business community. Since the lockouts 11 for lease signs have gone up – that’s all just take away food, shops and restaurants – the licensed premises are yet to fall, but they will.

We worked out from licensed premises in kings cross 200 jobs have been lost, over the whole city, probably around 2000 jobs gone.

Government had a change in Premier, Minister of Police and Hospitality (that’s the one that rules over our portfolio) – the new ones haven’t said what their position is but they are listening. The last Minister for Hospitality was totally deaf to us and passed laws with the intention of hurting our businesses. Why? Because he stereotyped nightclubs as bad businesses run by bad people. This simplistic, idiotic, moronic and false view has a lot to do with where we now are.

But then also the newspapers chasing circulation are also responsible. Some journos have recently admitted that in conversation.

When this whole thing started a few years ago, I watched things unfold and thought it was a farcical and bizarre tragedy/comedy of errors with some political lobbying and media hype thrown in. When the then premier O’Farrell passed the laws it looked like a weak man failing his responsibility and crumbling under public pressure. The talk of corruption and lies emerged, then he quit. Now whispers of corruption and casinos (in the middle of the lock out zone but exempt from lockouts) – this talk is flying around.

Conspiracy theories a dime a dozen and I buy into them for the fun as much as anything. But when you stand back and look at how this cookie crumbled and who won from this.. you’ve got to wonder.

The people most hurt and affected by the death of the Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie are of course their families and friends. May they find solace. The people then affected is the entire community that lost rights, the thousands of people that lost jobs and culture that was severed and the businesses that are now in crisis.

Who benefited the most? The only people that benefited from the tragedies where the newspapers that increased circulation and the Casinos that won a monopoly over all the other businesses in our city. Yeah, the premises on the outskirts of the lock-out zones and the ones in suburbs benefited but they were indirect beneficiaries.

Take a look at this and you see the big winners in the deaths of Tom and Dan are Jamie Packer and Rupert Murdoch. and maybe a few corrupt politicians. Just a coincidence?

You make your own decision.  I know the beat goes on, and it still is, Candys is still last club standing and it’s weathering the new laws and pumping. The people moved for a while to other places where the music is pumping… the beat will always go on, but nothing is more grooveless and frustrating than trying to make the government see what damage has been done and fix it. Same with the press, they did a lot of damage to our society, and they are yet to make reparation.

Anyway, that’s the story so far, the weekend events are ready to go. Saturday night we’ve got a killer party at Candys and tonight, Luna is trialing some R’n’b Stuff… cause the beat does go on. Tal over and out.


NSW Goverment – epic FAIL!

The NSW Police force and Government have announced a ‘cautious’ but positive result on assaults down due to the new curfews on citizens and the closure of our nightclub economy.

30% down in Assaults. YAY! the government has done really well.

Actually, wait a minute, these first few weeks of curfews and closures killed the night economy – foot traffic (customers) are down 50%.

HOLD ON A SECOND – if trade is down 50% and assaults are down 30%, is that an increase or a decrease. (lies, damned lies and then there’s statistics)..

How can this be so, the police have made a mistake with law making? Wait a minute, they aren’t law makers, they are law enforcers. Actually, there’s a constitutional doctrine of separation to stop law enforcement from being law makers, because it undermines the justice system.

Hold on a second our Justice System has been undermined????

On first principles it is self evident these laws are flawed.

Everyone has lost their right to a vibrant late night economy because of the violent actions of some steroid effected males.

The majority have been punished for the actions a few.

Everyone has lost their rights (NOT privileges, we all LOST RIGHTS) , people lost jobs, businesses went into distress and culture recessed.

The fundamental principle (NOT ideals but the fundamental principle)  of passing just laws for the greater good of our society was ignored for an unjust law that makes our society a lesser place.

Their statistics are bogus, they don’t take into account the downturn of people ot a true measure of what’s happened.
However they are the power that be and the laws have been set in motion. So they will continue on this road.
In time the bad effects that manifest will beg for correction, As these laws are flawed their justifications will always be subject to rebuke. That’s because they’ve done the wrong thing (not made a mistake they’ve done the wrong thing).
Unfortunately they have the power and they are exercising it.

How are they getting away with this?

The area these laws govern is NOT so significant that the impact of the laws would have a huge affect on our society.

They predicated laws on all of us based on the actions of a tiny miniscule minority of our worst behaved. So, they legislated on the worst of tiny fraction of us not on the best that many of us can be.

And as obvious as they have screwed up, is the solution.

We actually have a working model for the solution. It’s what we did to curb the drink driving problem.

We DID NOT curfew roads and shut down petrol stations, that loss of rights would have been so all encompassing our our society there would have been a revolution.

Instead, we targeted offenders, and ran big media campaigns to improve awareness and changed the way people think. So at the start of the 1970s, people were piling into cars drunk and they were ‘legends’ if they got home okay. By the 1980s, mates were taking keys off their mates and you were a ‘DISGRACE’ if you drove drunk.

This is a case where those that are wrong don’t know they are wrong. Actually, they think they are right.

And there’s nothing we can do about it. No satisfaction will come from seeing this go wrong – but that’s just how it is. I’m going to keep throwing gigs and parties, listen to music and watch films and read books and ride this one out.


Barry The Incompetant Premier of NSW

You know that story about the kid that pointed to the Emperor and said, ‘hey that man is naked,’ the adults must have disregarded him at first. I feel like that kid. Here is why….

This blog is a reasoned and justified attack on the competence of Barry O’Farrell and the State Government. My conclusions are firmly based on self-evident premises. The arguments I present are not just opinions they are the logical outcomes that will happen. The matters contained are of great concern because harm is being done to our society. This is being done by means of the laws that have been passed under the Liquor Act 2007 and the mandatory sentencing laws.

As a Licensee governed by the NSW Liquor Act 2007, I am forced to be an agent for these bad laws, I am forced to  deprive citizens of their rights (NOT privileges but RIGHTS), I am also forced to sack  staff members, cut back hours on all others and cut back trade on associated businesses. All these people are innocent, but they are being punished. I am forced by law to administer the punishment that leads to deprivation of civil liberties, loss of jobs and recession of business and cultural activity.

I am compelled to obey these laws and so I have become an unwillingly agent for the harm they cause. I am disgusted by our Premier Barry O’Farrell and the NSW State Legislative Assembly for putting me in this position. The laws they have passed are flawed and consequently harmful.

I am exercising my right to speak out against these laws.

In a radio interview with radio presenter Alan Jones and the Premier of NSW Barry O’Farrell.

Alan Jones asked him how he can justify the mandatory sentencing for a drunken act of violence being harsher than an act of violence that is premeditated and committed by a sober person.

Our Barry O’Farrell said, ‘well drink driving has harsher penalties than driving sober….’

Go figure that one out.

1. It is not a crime to drive sober.

2. It is a crime to drive drunk because you lack the faculties to drive safely, so you endanger other people.

3. It is a crime to hit someone whether you are drunk or sober.

Barry has compared drink driving to a stupid, thoughtless violent act of a drunken person and argued that this act more reprehensible than the sinister act of a sober person who planned, premeditated and executed a physical assault. To put it simply, he is comparing apples to watermelons and he is saying the apples are bigger. This guy is the leader of State Government.

When someone makes a comparison like this it is known as a fallacious analogy. People that make fallacious analogies are displaing signs that they are lacking in the cognitive faculties.

There’s something else that Barry O’Farrell has done; he has somehow reasoned that by locking out and closing licensed premises he will curtail the random acts of street violence by aggressive young males. And his argument is based on the recessed activity that results from the laws, not from a real reduction in violence.

On the first weekend of the lock outs, the violence continued. And before someone like Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police Mr Murdoch says, ‘the weekend was a success because arrests where down’, please don’t insult our intelligence. Of course they are down, attendances are down. The violence hasn’t stopped. You’ve just decreased attendances, you haven’t addressed the problem. When they argue that Newcastle went down 37% due to lockouts they compare it to when the place was busy the year before, they don’t factor in that after lock outs 2 out of 11 licensed premises went broke and the others decreased their night trade by 40% as a whole. The Newcastle statistics used by the NSW Police force are a lie. Factored in properly, comparatively violence went up. To say it went down, and to point at erroneous statistics is a lie.

There’s a thing called a non-sequitur in logic – that is when the conclusion does NOT connect to the premise.  That is the persons thinking lacks foundation. This shows a person has reached a point beyond their abilities, that is they have assended to a position that is a little beyond their intelligence. When Barry O’Farrell argues for mandatory sentencing; he’s using fallacious analogy to justify his non-sequitur that the violent impulsive act of a drunk is more reprehensible than the premediated and planned violent act of a sober person.

When he uses lockouts as an argument for stopping angry young men from committing random acts of street violence he is a Non-Sequiturian who renders great harm on our society through his poor thinking and unfounded conclusions.

People that display this kind of inadequate thinking are known to have ‘poor cognitive faculties’. That’s where Barry O’Farrell, the Premier of NSW is, because this man has been promoted beyond his intelligence, he  has been promoted to his point of incompetence.

We are now paying for his incompetence with lost liberties and jobs and business uncertainty. In the short term we’ll see the violence displaced to the suburban venues that will have a trade boom as a result of the ‘greater CBD curfew lockouts and closures’.

Further, as more time goes,  by we will pay more with increased drug use (prohbibition is proven to do this) and that means greater mental health issues for our society in the future. Yes, the harm being caused is significant.

As time goes by, if he extends his flawed policies of lockouts to the suburbs, this will result in illegal events and many house parties popping up all around Sydney. So, the natural nocturnal activities of our society, that he thinks he can suppress by taking rights off people and prohibiting them from enjoying a night in compliant and regulated entertainment precincts, will emerge in homes where there is no security, no CCTV, no age restriction, no RSA.

So, our social resources (police and emergency services) will then have to be deployed all around the massive suburban sprawl of Sydney to cover the problems in the suburban venues and homes.

Instead of one hospital with the focus to deal with the problems of an entertainment precinct, all the hospitals will be faced with problems. All the police will be faced with problems spread all over the city and suburbs.

Barry O’Farrell has taken away some of liberties, and negatively affected our entertainment culture and economy. He has displaced activities contained in compliant regulated night time entertainment precincts where resources can be focussed and he has spread the problems all around Sydney.

He has predicated laws based on the violent behaviour of a tiny minority of the worst in our society, instead of legislating for the best that we can be.

The legislative assembly of NSW is encumbered to pass just laws for the greater good of our society. Under the leadership, of Barry O’Farrell, they have done the opposite; they have passed unjust laws that harm our society.

Barry O’Farrell has failed us as Premier of New South Wales. He has been promoted to his point of incompetence and lacks the cognitive faculties required for the job. We are now paying the price for his incompetence.

I’d like finish by saying the beat goes on, but today we go on to beat these bad laws. What are our chances? Probably nil, Barry and the parliament wont admit they are wrong and correct things, so thank God the beat goes on and other opportunities will open up, no thanks to our state government and it’s leader.

Our Premier and our MPs expect better from us, well I for one demand better fro then. I you that reads this feels the same way.  Tal over and out.

Lockouts first weekend – FAIL!

So the first weekend of the Sydney greater CBD lockout has come and gone.

What happened?

1. Friday night except for Oxford Street (the night before the Gay Mardi Gras), the whole city was very very quiet, some said ‘dead’.

2. the police Deputy Commission Murdoch mistakenly said there was a reduction of incidents on Friday night and this was a good result. It’s a mistake, because of course if the city is dead there will be less incidents, problem is NOT solved. The problem is just diluted and displaced to the surrounding areas and the suburbs.

3. at 10:30 on Saturday night someone suffered head injuries from a coward punch and numerous fights happened around the place.

What does this mean?

It means that lock outs and venue closures don’t stop angry young males from random acts of street violence.

But lockouts and venue closures means jobs are lost and economic activity and cultural activity is recessed.

Who’s fault is this?

1. Police Association and hierarchy for driving the agenda of lockouts, they don’t know it, but they are acting like fascists.

2. The media, particularly the Daily Telegraph, (another example of Murdoch press doing the wrong thing). They had declining circulation, found ‘alcohol fueled violence’ go them circulation and they threw away their obligation for balanced accurate reporting to get the circulation up. The rest of the media jumped on the band wagon.

3. The MPs that passed these laws.

4. Barry O’Farrell, the Premier Of NSW who is showing himself more and more to be a man of inadequate cognitive faculties and hence a poor leader. These laws will not stop the random acts of violence of angry young men, wake up Barry. You’ve let us all down.

Ultimately the NSW Legislative Assembly have failed in their duty to pass just laws for the greater good and in fact did the opposite. They have done something wrong and passed bad laws.

I am angry about this, because I have to put people off and lock people out. That makes me an agent of the bad laws. I’m the one that is an agent for the deprivation of civil liberties and loss of employment. It sucks.

Right now, in our offices we are looking at new projects and new events and reinventing our company. Like I said in the prior blog this may end up being a blessing in disguise, but not because of government and the authorities. It’s because we’ve got enough groove to think outside of the square, we know the beat goes on, and we go on with the beat. Tal over and out.

A Blessing in Disguise?

So this is the first week of the 1:30am lockout of licensed premises and 3am cessation of trade.

What does this mean? They mean curfew citizens and tourists by cutting them off from entering their places of recreation and leisure at 1:30am in a massive central part of Sydney (Australia’s biggest city). What do they really mean? Well apart from the loss of rights (and this is deprivation of rights NOT privileges) which is a fundamental wrong. But they also mean people lose jobs and hours. So, people are punished by losing work. Also, businesses lose viability and they have to cut back on spending which hits other associated businesses. More people lose work. The decreased income of the businesses means the buildings that house them also lose value and now we’re talking tens of millions maybe hundreds of millions because this effects 1000 licensed premises.

Smells like a recession? Well that’s what the NSW State Government has done. It’s unbelievably wrong.

But really all those things are the effect of a cause and the cause of all this is unjust laws that punish the many for the actions of a few. Yep, government is encumbered with responsibility of passing just laws for the greater good. In this case they’ve done the opposite, they’ve passed unjust laws that result in harm by taking rights and jobs off people.

And why has this happened? Because of violent young male adults.

There’s nothing to show that this will curtail random street violence. To the contrary the licensed premises having security and CCTV and RSA Wardens, our clubs are safer then the streets.

Yep this is one crazy situation that is inexplicable.

We’ve had to lay off staff and cut out deejays and slash the performer’s pays, and cut security, to get ready for this mad situation. It’s been hard telling people that have worked for us or that looked at us for employment that we couldn’t do it any more. Personally, it’s been very difficult to me, because I see the stupidity of the laws and cop the brunt of the effects and have to then be an agent for the bad effects of the bad laws. I’ll admit the frustration and inequity of it has tested me and I haven’t done well. I’ve felt the depression of it, I’ve lost my temper and shouted at team members, and I’ve found myself apologizing for not being able to make a payment or give some one work, when the whole time it’s not our faults.

But there’s more to this than just the lockouts and early closures, they’ve also legislated mandatory sentences for acts of violence when intoxicated. They’ve actually made it more punishable to commit a spontaneous drunken act violence than if someone had of premeditated, planned and executed the same act sober. They’re trying to tell the judges how to do their jobs. This side of the new laws is a different side of the absurdity of these bad laws passed.

On a deeper level, I am absolutely and utterly disgusted in the bad laws passed by our legislative assembly. They’ve failed in their fundamental duty to us. They have inflicted harm on our community. In my books it’s as bad as a parent that fails to nurture, protect and educate it’s child.  But our community is not a child, our society is much more than that. But for now the NSW Governmnet had done what it has done and we must pay the price for the bad laws.

Luckily I can write about this, and not fear the kind of reprisals that would happen if I was in Sudan, or Egypt, or Syria or Russia, where if you criticise the government for their bad laws you end up in a prison or worse. But none the less, the laws passed by the NSW Government have the resemblence of government failing their people.

On a deeper level still, if we see individuals citizens as the mortal links of our society that perpetuates itself through the generations of citizens, well by harming the individuals now, they create harm for our society in the future. The cumulative effect of this harm is unkown and cannot be realised until we’ve seen it unfold. For example, the expansion of drug trade due to the prohibition of alcohol will lead to future mental health issues. The personal hardship that will befall thousands of individuals that will lose income. Not only the recession of economic activity but also cultural activity as our music culture recesses. These bad laws wont supress the natural nocturnal activities of our populace, instead illegal and non-compliant operators will start to fill the void. The increase in unregulated house parties (NO security, no age restrictions, no CCTV, no responsible service of alcohol) – these house parties all across the city and the deployment of social resources to manage the problems they cause.

The way in which the the NSW Legislative Assembly have enacted these laws, it’s obvious they are messing with something they don’t understand that is far greater than they are.

It’s a weird time. We’ve closed down our main admin office for Music People and moved into a couple of small offices, one third the size of our old office. Strangely, that’s been good because it forced us to just keep what we needed and to modernize our phone system and internet speed doubled, so part of the effect was good. The new office is far more functional and it’s heaps cheaper. And we are looking at how to think out way out of the situation, by looking at making more of the business of the clubs in the reduced hours we now have. Also, we are looking at other projects outside of the lock-out zone.

We endeavor because that’s what you have to do in life. Still, to be the recipient of this kind of thing is none the less difficult and the first effect of it is shock and the next effect is drain on energy to reoganize to survive it, then we think about what do we do next.

So we shed costs, and let people go and cut back hours, and restructure and reorganise and reinvent.

A blessing in disguise? This may well end up being the case, after all it’s about what we make of the changed circumstances. And we’ll look for changing how we do things and we’ll look at how we can make more with less. There’ll be day clubs, and we’ll experiement with new styles of music and we’ll throw bands in places. If we succeed it’s good if we fail, we learn and move. Regardless, it never had to be this hard, actually, it’s totally unneccessary and wrong that it is this hard. Still regardless, the beat goes on and so do we.

Tal over and out.

Hoping for better government.

Tax man’s taken all my dough. Well actually the newspapers have destroyed our reputation and caused serious financial problems to the Kings Cross late night business precinct. The government has restricted our trade – and well times are really tough.

But that’s nothing new, whenever bureaucracy becomes established it subjugates those that it was meant to serve.

That is the nature of public establishments: ultimately they feed off those they were meant to nurture.

Recently, we’ve witnessed the state government of NSW pass laws that restrict the trade of licensed liquor premises by taking rights off the citizens and tourists for no real reason.

Their fallacious pretext is ‘to curb alcohol fuelled violence’. Somehow they’ve blamed the actions of a few aggressive young men on the entire populace and taken rights off everyone and recessed economic and cultural activity.

The stupidity is astounding and so clearly a wrong it has even the young criticising the laws.

The consequence? My businesses suffer and struggle and perhaps they may even fall over but really that doesn’t bother me. It’s the sheer stupidity of these laws and their bad effects that have me at my wits end.

They will i. Part cause a recession that there is no need for.

I used to believe that the social freedom we as a community can give each other because our Imaginations
are not bound by the necessary rules of science or physics was a real blessing. I now own that I was naive. I am witnessing the opposite; that is the decisions of our leaders that will harm our society.

Seeing this before it happens brings me no peace of mind. On the contrary it is very troubling to foresee this. Worse even is knowing that the economic and cultural recession this will cause is worse than we realise. After all we are yet to experience it.

This Saturday at midday there is a protest against what is happening. This protest isn’t really about the lock outs nor is it about the closure of our night time economy, it is about out right to be rendered justice, it’s about out right NOT to be punished for something for we did not do.

Of course I’ve learnt something about being naive so it is possible that what is done is done and the chances are that the collective will of our community will be wanting and unable to bring about better government and we are cursed by the stupidity of these bad laws.

The cynic in me sees this may happen and yet the optimist hopes for the happy ending where the people stand up and tell their government they expect better, we demand better.

Which will it be?

If I was a betting man I’d say the odds are against us. But then I’m not a betting man. I hope people come to this rally and demand better from our government. Of course that’s not up to me it’s up to you. Pick and choose, sit and lose. It’s up to you.

Stupid Stupid Lockouts and 3am Closures.

before reading this; there is a facebook page of people that are actually trying to do something about the bad laws – please jump on there and like the page and help in the protest and rally. People need to support them, the government can be made to change their minds, but it takes people power to do it. If you want fight for rights and jobs and music culture… go to: – like them and support what they are doing.

So we are now undergoing a process of cutting costs. That means staff are being put off or getting their hours cut. It means performer’s rates are being slashed. Some performers are no longer going to get work. It means security is being cut down. It means we are preparing our businesses for the recessed trade that the NSW State Government has legislated.

I am at my wit’s end with this, it’s so stupid and so wrong and there is nothing we can do about it.

People are losing work. The night time economy of Sydney’s central district, from Darling Harbour to Kings Cross and Oxford Street. From The Rocks to Haymarket. Over 1000 licensed premises are going to do this.

Being in Kings Cross, where we have copped the bad press and trade restrictions over the last 18 months, it’s worse, and we are bearing the brunt of it. Businesses are suffering, every club owner I talk to is feeling it. When the lockouts hit the city and the patrons start staying in the suburbs, that’s when reality bites the city.

How did this happen? The police fanned the media with the story of alcohol fueled violence and the Newcastle lockout model. The media found a story that got circulation and ratings. They exaggerated the story. The general public bought the story and our Premier buckled and ordered the lock outs and closure of the central night time economy. Sydney’s nightlife heart land.

That’s where we are now. What does it mean for Music People and our team. At this stage a crisis and the resulting distress. In the long term, we’ll reposition and provide services in other areas and recover. But between the crisis and the recovery, hard times are coming.

It’s really really stupid, the government has passed bad laws, unjust laws and punished a lot of innocent people. These lock outs and closures don’t fix the problem of random street violence, and thousands of people will be punished that never have been violent. Stupid stupid stupid. Unbelievably stupid. Incredibly stupid. At my wits end with it all.

The only thing I can count on is that people love music and music will always bring people together, so that means that music people will always find work because, even in the face of stupid, brutal unjust laws, the beat does go on and on and so will we. Tal over and out.