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There’s something rotten in Sydney.

by on 23/05/2014

So the last few months a lot of energy has gone into trying to fight the government on these lock-out laws. They’ve done serious damage to the Kings Cross business community. Since the lockouts 11 for lease signs have gone up – that’s all just take away food, shops and restaurants – the licensed premises are yet to fall, but they will.

We worked out from licensed premises in kings cross 200 jobs have been lost, over the whole city, probably around 2000 jobs gone.

Government had a change in Premier, Minister of Police and Hospitality (that’s the one that rules over our portfolio) – the new ones haven’t said what their position is but they are listening. The last Minister for Hospitality was totally deaf to us and passed laws with the intention of hurting our businesses. Why? Because he stereotyped nightclubs as bad businesses run by bad people. This simplistic, idiotic, moronic and false view has a lot to do with where we now are.

But then also the newspapers chasing circulation are also responsible. Some journos have recently admitted that in conversation.

When this whole thing started a few years ago, I watched things unfold and thought it was a farcical and bizarre tragedy/comedy of errors with some political lobbying and media hype thrown in. When the then premier O’Farrell passed the laws it looked like a weak man failing his responsibility and crumbling under public pressure. The talk of corruption and lies emerged, then he quit. Now whispers of corruption and casinos (in the middle of the lock out zone but exempt from lockouts) – this talk is flying around.

Conspiracy theories a dime a dozen and I buy into them for the fun as much as anything. But when you stand back and look at how this cookie crumbled and who won from this.. you’ve got to wonder.

The people most hurt and affected by the death of the Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie are of course their families and friends. May they find solace. The people then affected is the entire community that lost rights, the thousands of people that lost jobs and culture that was severed and the businesses that are now in crisis.

Who benefited the most? The only people that benefited from the tragedies where the newspapers that increased circulation and the Casinos that won a monopoly over all the other businesses in our city. Yeah, the premises on the outskirts of the lock-out zones and the ones in suburbs benefited but they were indirect beneficiaries.

Take a look at this and you see the big winners in the deaths of Tom and Dan are Jamie Packer and Rupert Murdoch. and maybe a few corrupt politicians. Just a coincidence?

You make your own decision.  I know the beat goes on, and it still is, Candys is still last club standing and it’s weathering the new laws and pumping. The people moved for a while to other places where the music is pumping… the beat will always go on, but nothing is more grooveless and frustrating than trying to make the government see what damage has been done and fix it. Same with the press, they did a lot of damage to our society, and they are yet to make reparation.

Anyway, that’s the story so far, the weekend events are ready to go. Saturday night we’ve got a killer party at Candys and tonight, Luna is trialing some R’n’b Stuff… cause the beat does go on. Tal over and out.


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  1. Great blog post! The lockouts are due to a corrupt government, and have officially killed Oxford street, left countless people jobless, and increased the rate of violence…. “Great” job Sydney government. Together we can #KNOCKOUTLOCKOUT

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